Our Story

Beginning of our Journey

Lokvale Group started business with the opening of Lok Lok Dumpling Bar in 2010. Since then, this humble little restaurant has become a successful chain, with several stores opening all over Sydney. Growing further into the restaurant industry, Lokvale Group then expanded into the high-end restaurant market and successfully opened a Chinese restaurant – Mama’s Wok, and later opened the first Mr. Wu restaurant in Broadway Sydney.

Lokvale is a compound word combining our flagship business ‘Lok Lok’ and ‘Vale’, a term meaning a valley. With this name, we aim to pursue comfortable, relaxing, yet diverse and valley-like experiences in our restaurants. This is a strong commitment of Lokvale Group to deliver new and exciting flavours in a family-like and comfortable environment to customers. 

Your Asian Food Specialists

Lokvale Group has a grand vision to apply our wealth of knowledge and experience of Asian food to a global scale. Despite our extensive scope, we tailor to specific markets. We understand that each individual is unique and has distinct preferences. In doing so, we concentrate on delivering a quality product, each with a special twist, to suit the needs of all different types of customers – taking into account their views, habits, and love for great taste.

With a focus on maintaining the effectiveness and customisation for each brand within the Lokvale Family group, we develop new brands whilst expanding existing ones. Quality control and creativity is important to us, and we concentrate on bringing these elements on our path of implementing and supporting the growth of our individual brands. Lokvale Group has been using the only the best expertise and research data in substantiating our expansion, constantly bringing new ideas and methodologies in all aspects of our operations.

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